Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

IDA SJÖSTEDT Traumkleider

Ida Sjöstedt launched her first collection in 2001. Tasteful kitsch or tongue-in-cheek elegance are two ways of describing Ida Sjöstedts design philosophy. Her aim is to create beautiful, sexy clothes for women who don’t take dressing up too seriously –and who see fashion as something fun rather than as a must. Ida Sjöstedt’s winter collection is inspired by the style of old starlets from the silver screen, ice princesses and magical winter fairies.It’s a girl’s world that is all about superficial beauty, vanity and glamour. The clothes are designed with a more is more approach and materials include pastel colored fake fur, sequins, roses, different types of crystals, prints and

Wunderschöne Kleider sie ist dieses Jahr auch auf der Fashionweek in Berlin dabei !!!
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